3 SEO Trends That Will Help You Get Through in 2021

Time flies so fast. This is true especially if you’re working in the digital marketing industry. Trends that were popular and useful a year ago are not as relevant as they are today. If you’re keeping touch with the latest news in the field,you’re probably aware of how new practices are emerging in 2021. To find out what those are,this blogs will discuss some of SEO strategies that will keep your site on top.


Keywords in Your URL

The URL structure is the most overlooked aspect of SEO. Many strategists often ignore the importance of a well-structured URL. One of the best SEO companies in Hong Kong explained that while it’s essential to keep the URL as simple as possible,it’s also necessary to organise and construct your URL that will give users and search engines the context of what the page or blog would be all about.


Focus on User Search Intent

Whenever you put out content,you should always focus on search intent of your audience. It has become the central factor of SEO and content. You have to target queries where people are seeking answers. Creating a content based on search intent will help you be on featured snippets or “People also ask” feature.


Mind Your Metadata

While many would relate metadata to the site’s click-through-rate,search engines are now giving value to this part of website. Why? It’s because this creates a micro-communication with Google and other search engines. This is exactly the reason why SEO specialists emphasise the importance of creating short but accurate meta description and title tags. It also helps to incorporate your target keywords in this part of your metadata.


These are just some of the many other SEO practices that can get you through 2021. Other than these,it’s also important that you keep watch on the algorithm changes. This way you can easily adjust your strategy and prevent taking a hit from Google in the future.


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